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23.04.2017 07:15

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  • Fertiliser on greens - 27/03/17

    Today we have applied a specifically formulated conventional release mini-granulated fertiliser with a mix of nitrogen sources to the greens, the uniform granule breaks down quickly to avoid too much disruption to play. In the short term there will be a blackening effect to the grass sward (this is normal) which will slowly disappear, this has no effect on the putting surface its just the reaction of the grass plant due to the iron content of the fertiliser.

  • Fertiliser application on Tees - 21/3/17

    bigpicToday a controlled release fertiliser has been applied to all the Tees, this will help to kick start the growth of the sward on the Tees as we head towards the spring.

  • A big thank you - 21/3/17

    Maintenance Day

    bigpicA big thank you to all that volunteered their time and effort on the day it was much appreciated.

    Brian Austin
    Mike Bull
    Mike Goodbody
    Keith Rutherford
    Roy Kefford
    Steve Richards
    Laurie Fagg
    Keith Payne
    Tony Orme

    And a Big thank you to Director of greens Billy Badcock for collecting and delivery back the equipment from and to a number of golf courses, Without his effort the tasks carried out on Monday would not have been possible.

    Once again to you all many thanks Gary

  • Course maintenance day Monday 20th March

    bigpicThe course will be closed for maintenance on Monday when the greens will undergo Hollow coring, over seeding, top dressing and brushing.

    Hollow coring allows us to remove a small core from the greens sward and its lower sub soil, which in turn gives us the opportunity to replace this with a sand based dressing.

    The greens will then have an application of an all bent seed mix applied after which they will be dressed with a fine tournament dressing and drag brushed into the sward and the core holes.

    Short term i know that this will make the greens a little harder to putt on but it is to the benefit of the greens in the long term to create greens that are smooth and true when putting on.

  • Bird boxes - 22/02/17

    bigpic A large number of bird boxes have been positioned around the course. We hope this will help to encourage birds to nest here at the club.

    Thank you to Ladies Captain, Judith Houghton, for donating the boxes. Judith will update the membership soon, with the location of the boxes.

  • Bunker Work 5th Hole - (Image once completed)

    bigpicBunker work continues to the course and outlined below is the project recently started;

    The hole, originally designed with 7 bunkers, one of which already removed due to the green being made smaller, was intended to be approached from a position left of the current teeing areas. The bunkers were also designed for a much larger green.

    The current bunker programme intends to reduce the size of many bunkers on the course and where necessary remove or reshape existing bunkers.

    By reducing the number and size of bunkers, this will make existing bunkers more manageable for staff and improve their condition.

    The image (above) shows the projected ‘new’ layout of the 5th/14th Hole, with all the bunkers being made smaller to suit the current green size.

    The front right bunker will be moved closer and positioned further left (as playing the hole) to the green to catch short approach shots, the front left bunker will also be moved closer to the green.

    Removal of the centre left bunker will be replaced with grass mounding. The mounding will direct wayward shots but will also aid in creating definition when playing both the 5th/14th & 8th/17th Holes.

    This project will take time to complete with the mounding being the first part. Reducing the size and repositioning the current bunkers will follow.

  • New Rakes and How to use them 30/01/2017

    bigpic Step 1 - Teeth First

    New rakes have been purchased and distributed to all the bunkers on the course.

    The new rakes are designed with two sides, one side teeth and the other is 'rounded'.

    To rake the bunkers, please follow these guidelines;

    *Enter the bunker at the lowest point

    *Once you have played your shot, using the 'teeth side', rake backwards and forwards spreading the sand evenly

    *Exit the bunker at the point of entry

    Step 2 - Smooth Edge

    Once you have exited the bunker:-

    *Finish raking all footprints using the teeth side of the rake

    *Turn rake over and use the 'rounded' side

    *Smooth and flatten the edges of the bunker where you entered/exited the bunker

    Step 3 - A Job Well Done

    *Place rake in from the edge of the bunker in the direction of play

    *Stand back and admire your work................but not for too long!!

    A BIG thank you to Past Captain, Gary Jones for his donation to club. The money raised during Gary’s year was used to purchase all 30 of the new rakes.

  • New Holes Please - Frosty Greens 03/01/2017

    bigpicMembers are advised;

    That during frosty periods, it is very difficult for the green staff to cut new holes in the very hard ground conditions.

    Where most courses would impose 'frost greens' or 'temp greens' our Course Manager is happy for members to continue to enjoy the playing surface of a normal green.

    This will mean that the areas around the holes will become bobbly and trodden as the frost melts away. Although frost clears on the surface, it can remain in the ground 2" below the surface for a long period making it difficult to cut the 12" depth to re-site the hole.

    We kindly ask that during frosty periods when greens are being used, that members avoid attending the flag during casual rounds of golf. This will help to preserve the condition of the hole.

  • Spraying 08/11/2016

    bigpicFollowing advice from the River Authorities a programme has now been put in place to try and eradicate the pennywort from the river Shuttle.

    Money raised and kindly donated from the 100 Club has allowed us to fund this project, spraying took place this week (07/11/16) and we expect to see some results in the next 2 weeks.

    Further spraying is scheduled to take place in the New Year.

  • Tree Plantation - 15/02/2016

    bigpicThe Woodland Trust have been trying to re-introduce native tree species in and around Kent over the past few years since losing a number of Ash Trees to disease. As part of their initiative, the Golf Club recently received a substantial contribution from the Woodland Trust towards the planting of native trees.

    Tree species include, Oak, Hornbeam, Beech, Birch and Wild Cherry.

    After liaising with the Woodland Trust, and the advise received, a large number of trees have been planted alongside the pathway to the 7th/16th hole to create a woodland area. This area will offer protection to the pathway as well as providing the golf club with a supply of 'mature trees' over the coming years.

    We expect the woodland area to play a visual part in encouraging golfers to avoid the right side (and pathway), whilst offering extra protection to users of the pathway. As trees start to mature, some will be re-positioned around the course replacing decaying/dead trees.

    A number of the remaining trees have been used to 'infill' areas that lacked protection, whilst a row of Wild Cherry Trees (approx 15) have been positioned to the right of the 6th/15th hole to add colour, offer protection and replace the decaying hedge.

    Members are reminded to take a drop from 'staked trees', if your ball lands in the new plantation/nursery please take relief from this area at the nearest point.

  • New Bunker Design - 8th/17th 12/02/2016

    bigpicNew turf has been laid around the bunker on the 8th/17th hole. This area will be roped off to protect the grass.

    This area has been defined as GUR and a dropping zone marked out. A ball scoop has been provided for golfers to retrieve their ball.

    Please avoid walking over the new turf.