Rule of the Month - Preferred Lies

Only when the Director of Greens has introduced a Local Rule for preferred lies is a player entitled to prefer the lie of their ball. Simply saying “preferred lies in operation” or “winter rules apply” is inadequate; the Local Rule has to spell out the detail of the Local Rule so the player knows how to proceed correctly.

The recommended Local Rule for preferred lies is contained in Appendix 1, Part A, 3b of the Rules of Golf.

A player is entitled to prefer the lie of the ball when the ball lies on a closely-mown area through the green. A “closely-mown area” is any area of the course that is cut to fairway height or less and includes paths cut through the rough and the fringe/apron around the green. If the ball does not lie on a closely-mown area, e.g. the rough, the player cannot take a preferred lie under this Local Rule.

Key Points to Preferred Lies:

1. Mark the position of your ball
2. Lift and clean your ball
3. Place your ball within the stipulated area, no nearer the hole
4. The ball is in play when placed and cannot be lifted again

One Shot Penalties

1. Lifting ball for identification without proper procedure (12-2)
2. Striking ball more than once (14-4)
3. Ball overhanging hole falls in after time is up (16-2)
4. Ball moved by player, partner or caddie (18-2)
5. Ball moved after address (18-2)
6. Ball deflected by player, partner or caddie (19-2)
7. Lifting a ball that is to be replaced without marking (20-1)
8. Dropping ball incorrectly (20-2a)
9. Ball replaced by wrong person (20-3a)
10. Cleaning ball when not allowed (21)
11. Relief from immovable obstruction in a bunker by dropping outside bunker on line between hole and place where ball lies. (24-2 b (ii))
12. Relief from abnormal ground condition in bunker by dropping outside bunker on line between hole and place where ball lies. (25-2 b (ii))
13. Relief from water hazard (26-1)
14. Stroke and distance (27-1a)
15. Ball OOB or lost. (27-1b and c)
16. Ball unplayable (28)

Two Shot Penalties

1. Grounding your club in a hazard.
2. Ball strikes the flag stick (when the stroke is made from the surface of the green)
3. Playing a wrong ball.
4. Carrying more than 14 clubs.
5. Deliberately interfering with any moving ball.
6. Playing form outside the teeing area.

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