Trolley Policy - update Dec 19

Trolley Policy - update

There are occasions when it is necessary to restrict the use of trolleys/buggies on the course due to weather conditions. This will be declared by the designated Green Keeping staff on the day using the following;

Trolley Policy

• Green – No Ban – All Trolleys and Buggies permitted
• Amber – Restricted Trolley Use – No Electric Trolleys or Buggies permitted
• Red – Total Trolley/Buggy Ban (including Push/Pull) - Carry ONLY

April 2018

Taking Shape

The new bunkers to the right-hand side of the 5th green are now having turf laid to form the new shapes. The outer areas will be seeded, when these areas have established then new bunker sand will be applied and the bunkers will be returned back into play.

May 2018

Toro Reelmaster 3100-D

The Toro Reelmaster 3100-D cutting units have gone away to be serviced and overhauled, this will mean we will be without them for a week. The following areas around the course next week will grow a little longer than we would like tees, aprons, semi-rough, green surrounds. once the units have been returned to the club we will be straight out addressing this matter. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this situation but we will be back to normal very soon after the units have been returned.

November 2018

Machinery Damage

Due to a problem with the tractor while the operation of solid tine the greens, it has left a line of damaged turf on the 5th green. Every effort has been made to reduce the impact it will have while members are putting and a period of time for recovery is expected.

please be patient while the healing process takes place

November 2018

Casting Worms

A new product has been trialled on the Tees for the control of worm casts. the initial signs are good and a second application will be required. if the results are favourable we will purchase more of the product and apply to the rest of the clubs playing surfaces.

February 2019

Course Closure Policy and Frost Policy

Course Closure Policy

Whilst it is our aim to offer members year-round golf, there will be occasions when the course is deemed unfit for play due to excessive rainfall, flooding, frost, snow or fog. The Course Manager or a representative of his staff is responsible for assessing the potential closing of the course and this is reviewed every morning with an overall course inspection. This judgement will consider potential damage and or risk to players on a hole-by-hole basis.

Frost Policy

The Greens and/or Course may be closed when:

1. A white frost is present on the leaf – the plant can become badly bruised or permanently damaged by foot traffic.

2. When the surface of the green is frozen – frost penetrates the ground at different rates. Where only the top inch or so of green has frozen the act of walking on the green can cause ‘root shear’. The lateral force of a foot can cause the frozen surface to slide over the soil below. The shearing action cuts the root, killing the plant.

3 When the surface of the green begins to thaw – same as (2) above but in these circumstances the soil thawing at the surface may slide over the frozen sub-soil below causing ‘root shear’; also the soft surface is easily marked leaving heel and footprints creating an uneven putting surface which cannot be repaired until the following spring. We are aware that these conditions are commonly the most frustrating for members. It may appear that frost has left the surface and the greens are ready for play when in fact they are still thawing out below the surface.

It is with the best interest to the club, course and every member that we protect the course, with this in mind we will keep the course/holes closed for 2hrs after the surface “has seen to have thawed” and will be confirmed via the phone line and the club Web site.

Although every effort will be made to keep ‘play on greens’, when necessary a temporary hole, close to the green, will be used until that green is seen fit to be ‘back in play’.

February 2019

Bailoy Irrigation

Early March will see a representative from Bailoy irrigation visit the club with a view to upgrading the computer system that we use to operate the clubs irrigation system. This will consist of a complete remap of the software used to irrigate the course, once this has been carried out they will then audit the pumps and electrical operation unit in the pump house along with the in-ground system to determine if the system needs any updating to allow the system to operate to its maximum potential.

The representative has over 30 years experience in the irrigation industry with a wealth of knowledge on irrigation software and hardware along with being a qualified irrigation designer and installer. A report will be produced with any recommendations stated to allow us at the club to combat any adverse weather conditions such as that which we went through in 2018. This will allow us to be better prepared if such extreme conditions arise in the future.

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