John Aughterlony - President

Jim Mitchell - General Manager

Board of Directors:

Richard Turell - Chairman
Martin Lewis - Club Captain
Carli Smith - Ladies Captain
Chris Foster - Golf
Roy Kefford - Finance
Billy Badcock - Greens
Dean Martin - Greens
Terry White - Bar/Catering & House
Gary Wilson - Bar/Catering & House

Other Officials:

Colin Baker - Seniors Captain
Jo Stokes - Ladies Secretary
Ted Fenwick - Seniors Secretary
Gary Tait - Course Manager
Steve Stringer - Health and Safety
Angie Rossi - Welfare Officer

Handicaps & Competitions Committee (Each section is formed of the following two members and General Manager)


Men’s Section: Chris Foster & John Dean
Ladies Section: Jo Stokes & Angie Rossi
Juniors Section: Vacant

Social Committee:

Gary Wilson, Terry White, Sharon Van Laun, Julie Wilson and Julia White.